How MeetMonk enables teachers and coaches to monetize their classes/content easily?

Traditional teaching, for eons, has been about the teacher and students being physically present in the same room, interacting with each other.  While in-personal teaching, face to face interaction is the best thing, it is not scalable and repeatable. That means, it deprives the students from having a slice of their most favored teacher’s time as well as limited earning potentials of the best of the breed of teachers.

Until now, many technology startups have tried to bridge that gap with pre-recorded video classes. The inherent problem with such recorded sessions has been that they are neither personal nor interactive.  What would a student do if she had a follow-up question? Well, the unavailability of reliable and cost-effective technology was playing a spoil sport. MeetMonk, a pioneer of peer-to-peer video conferencing technology now has a platform that enables teachers and students to participate in a real-time interactive classroom that is free to register.  It has a look and feel of almost a real classroom.  Plus, the reach is limitless.  Hundreds of students can participate at the same time.

  • Teach from anywhere, anytime

Really!  As a teacher, you can teach from the comfort of your home, in your PJs and reach a stupendous number of students all across the globe.  There is no crammed classrooms, no illegible writings on the whiteboard, and no worries of a voice that does not reach the back benches.  Technology carries both your booming voice and high-definition video to students many seas away.  Same happens when a student ask a question and teacher answers.

  • Repeatability

All sessions are recorded.  So, you don’t have to reproduce your masterpiece.  Students can access your recorded classes and pay you too.

  • No more jumping through the hoops

MeatMonk means more earning potential, less commute and more teaching from your convenient location, and a much wider audience. 

If you are already teaching through any online platform, you know the pain of juggling with multiple sites.  You probably:

  1. teach on a platform (Skype or Zoom)
  2. schedule classes on another platform (Google Calendar)
  3. spread the word and market your classes (Yelp, Google Adword)
  4. receive payment (Paypal, Payment gateway)
  5. receive feedback (Yelp, Google)

This can quickly get tiresome.  Now, how about one single platform that does all the above for you and then some more?  All you have to do is teach your classes to the best of your abilities.

Also, you get paid for each enrolled student.  Can there be a better opportunity that this?  Apparently Yes!  Your recorded classes also earn you money when you are enjoying your free time. And the platform?  Maintaining it is entirely our responsibility.  Solely!

  • How students will be interested?

Besides live, interactive classes, MeetMonk’s platform offers chat option as well as screenshare.  Students get a real classroom experience.  They can also interact with fellow students, exchange ideas, and ask and answer questions on our inbuilt forums.

  • Spreading the word about you is our responsibility

Taking the platform to the students and getting them to enroll is one of our main focuses.   You can just leave marketing on us and focus on doing what you do best- teach! You list your capability and skill for us and we will market the classes for you! All you have to worry about is the quality of your courses to increase the word of mouth among students.

  • Then, how MeetMonk earns?

We believe in maintaining complete transparency with people we associate with. You pay a small commission (about 5-10%) for using our platform and marketing your course when students join your class. We get the students review your classes and based on these feedbacks, more and more students join your classes. Simple!

  • How teachers can make more money as compared to other platforms?

Not just by hosting live classes for students, we also enable our teachers to make money even when students access their recorded classes. Here’s an example of earning in just one class:

Earning in just one class

Example Earnings for 1 class Example # of students per class
Activity 20 students After 5% commission 50 students After 5% commission 100 students After 5% commission
Live Class ($30/class) $600 $570 $1500 $1425 $3000 $2850
Recorded class afterwards ($10/class) $200 $190 $500 $475 $1000 $950

Knowledge brings with it the recognition and money. All you need to do is to use the best knowledge sharing platform and showcase your skills. Happy Teaching!